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Travel Essays

Place-based writing with a focus on natural elements of quiet landscapes.

Joshua Tree

Finding comfort in the mirrorless qualities of the desert.

Where Ducks Walked on Fish

Family camping trip to the Pennsylvania/Ohio border and a strange site that puts it on the map.

Waterfront Windmill Right on the Bay

Easter on Cape Cod. Family dinner. The gentle pastels of a Spring morning.

Review of Joan McBreen’s Poetry

The Poetry of Joan McBreen: Of Family and Nature

The soft green hills of the west of Ireland invite intimacy and contemplation. Reading Joan McBreen’s poetry and meeting with her in these lovely landscapes, I came to interpret the inspiration of her poetry being this environment and the natural cycles represented in nature and family.

Umbrella Arts Center Volunteer Spotlights

Volunteer Spotlight on Dan Kemp

Volunteer Spotlight on Cooper Philips

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