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josey murray

writer. editor. WELL-BEING ADVOCATE.

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Writing Portfolio

Wondering what I can do?

From heavily researched articles about how to get enough vitamin D to a fresh take on the trendy hot girl walk, my writing shares how to survive and thrive in our modern world with spirit and compassion.

My professional and academic experience has prepared me with both the content and communication expertise to tackle any well-being-focused assignment. Check out just a few of my stories below.

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Inclusive Wellness & Lifestyle

Writing Portfolio

content that prioritizes mental health and holistic wellbeing,

written with compassion and filled with helpful hints

Really proud of this one!

Research-Driven Content

translating scientific studies and information into accessible and entertaining reading, consistently consulting with experts for unique quotes and insight

Thoughtful Commerce

gift guides, product round-ups, and clean beauty reviews,

supporting admirable brands and lovable products that deserve the attention

Functional Food & Nutrition

writing about food that's better for the planet, nourishing for your body, and undeniably delicious (never a diet in sight)

Bylines in Print

Women’s Health Magazine

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